1. Said goodbye to someone on their deathbed

2. Classic brooklyn shoes on a wire

3. Got a new guitar, the same make that was used to record Stairway to Heaven, apparently?

4. Photography (and performing) at The Muse


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lizdexia and I spread our legs for feminism.

This is Susan B. Anthony’s Wikipedia page. Please read, compare and think about what message you’re sending when you say you did something “for feminism”.

*sighs and laughs* oh sweet jesus..oh man this is great. On an empty train.

Exactly why feminism doesn’t get anything positive done

Feminist priorities, how people sit on a bus.
Ur doin a lot

It’s really funny that a lot of people don’t get whats going on here

Women who ride trains in NYC understand this post. Dudes on trains like to try to take up like two and a half seats. You constantly see women making themselves smaller to accommodate some asshole with his legs practically in a split (which is incidentally a dominance body language thing). While conversely women are stared at if they take up room or even if they just fill up their entire space. 

It drives me nuts.

We get exactly what’s going on.  Feminism is about standing up for yourself, isn’t it?  Oh, that was old-school feminism.  4th Wave is just about whining because you;re too scared to make any moves.  Guys spreading their legs on trains, for FUCK’S SAKE.  Find a cause that matters.  

You’re too scared to ask someone to move, and too self-conscious to sit comfortably.  If someone is sitting, and you make yourself comfortable next to them, odds are they won’t move because you have just accepted that space.  

Rosa Parks had the tits to break decorum and refuse to move aside for another person.  Why don’t you grow half of her courage and say “Excuse me, sir, could you move your leg?”

I would respond with, “Sorry, Miss.  Here.”  But apparently NYC men respond with “RAPE PARTY!” and there is oppression and subjugation and, oh yeah, rape.  

*30 second fart noise*
I’m not even going to address all the ridiculousness here

Suffice to say taking issue with one behavior does not mean you can’t take issue with other behaviors? Like I don’t have a limited set of issues I can care about? That’s not how life works at all?

This is so funny. OMG.


oh godddd I WANT THIS SO BAD



I want a scarf like that scarf, with all those kaiju printed on it. Cool scarf, drop-crotch pants and bomber jacket. BRING IT ON, GIVE ME ALL OF THIS

virginfrank asked:

People are missing the whole fuckin point men take up the whole fuckin seat when they sit and you're sending a fuckin message the amount of people giving you shit and calling you degrading names and saying they don't need feminism are exactly why we fuckin need feminism don't let these ignorant strangers on the web get to you you're doing great continue what you do if you're not pissing off the anti-feminists then you're not being loud enough. I'm proud of you<3

It was an empty train and my friend and I took silly pictures. Being silly and tagging the post as ‘feminism’ and ‘yes all women’ was clearly a mistake, but we were not making any statement or trying to prove any points. We were just playing on an empty train. But thanks for the support